Is That Your Cremation Urn Ticking?

cremation urn clockIf you think cremation jewelry is the only type of urn that performs a dual function—that is, as a pendant and an ash container at the same time—then you have not run across a clock urn. Stylishly crafted from solid wood like oak, maple and cherry or in some wood finishes, clock urns are essentially a box-type vessel with a clock face at the front. You can choose from a variety of designs that run the gamut from embossed medallions to 3-dimensional carvings to personalized plates and photo window. The opening is usually placed at the bottom with the cover screwed on to secure the ashes inside.

Discreet and well-designed, these clock cremation urns are perfect memorials for a loved one who had a fetish about time or those who had always managed to keep their activities within schedule. It can sit on any mantel, side table, or office desk without calling attention to itself being a cremation urn. Priced around the mid-$300s and can accommodate 200 or more pounds of ash, they are indeed a fine investment for families that intend to pass them on as heirlooms.