Why Size Matters Even in Death

burial servicesWith the number of artistic selections for cremation urns in the market, it is easy to get carried away once you start shopping. It is also easy to forget that you are making the purchase primarily for its function and not because the colors and designs can go well with your home’s interiors. As a container for ashes, they also come in different sizes, usually measured in cubic inch, with the standard volume capacity being 200 cu. in.

For Cremation Urns

The resulting weight or volume of adult remains can vary from crematorium to crematorium but if you want a ballpark figure on the size to buy, it can be safe to assume that for each pound of a person’s weight, a corresponding one cu. in. of ash will be given back to you. To avoid buying too small of a vessel, you can use that estimate as your baseline figure and look for urns that are bigger than that. This formula can also apply to pets and children.

For Cremation Jewelry

To estimate the capacity of a cremation jewelry, you only have to remember that most of them can only contain ashes the size of a pinhead. Since this is not regulated, you can decide better by confirming the actual capacity fron the vendor.

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