Estate Cleaning ServicesEstate Cleaning and Extreme Cleaning

“I had no idea this would be such a big job…”

We hear that from clients almost every day, who are faced with the difficult task of extreme cleaning and sorting out their loved one’s former residence and settling their other affairs.

They figured it would be fairly simple. But soon they realize the job is bigger than they imagined.

Once they begin the hard work of sorting and cleaning the home, families realize there is more “stuff” to sort and dispose of than they anticipated. More paperwork to fill out and instructions in the will they didn’t anticipate. More complications they never expected, like selling property such as homes and vehicles.

Our clients told us they got discouraged pretty quickly. Many are still grieving their loss, not to mention trying to balance this new obligation with their regular job and other responsibilities.

So we developed a specialized estate clean out and settlement service to help people faced with this overwhelming job.

Services include any or all of the following:

  • Sorting and packing your loved one’s possessions
  • Take care of the donation, distribution and disposal of items
  • Clean the residence and leave it in “move in” condition
  • Oversee the process of selling the home, vehicles and other valuables
  • Perform light renovations and “stage” the home for re-sale
  • Carry out “extreme cleaning” in cases of hoarding

We are here to assist you, whether you need a little help or a lot. You may just need us to sort and dispose of a home’s contents, then clean up a house or apartment to leave it in “move in” condition.

Or you may need additional, more specialized help, including performing light renovations to the property and even overseeing the sale of the residence and other valuables.

Some families work alongside us, while others entrust us with the day by day process. Again, the choice is yours. We carry out your specific instructions, to make sure everything is properly disposed of.

If you and your family simply don’t have the time, information, contacts and expertise to handle this overwhelming job, ask us about how we can help.

We have years of experience helping people in exactly your situation! Get an estimate today.