Cremation Jewelry Is Here To Stay

More and more people are choosing cremation over the traditional form of burial. Although there are Christian sects that frown on this practice, there is really nothing wrong or right if you will choose this type of funeral arrangement. It all depends on what you prefer. But if you happen to choose this method, you also need to be aware that there is such a thing as cremation jewelry.

What Is Cremation Jewelry?

This type of jewelry came to be of use because of the need of a place or a container to store the ashes of the dearly departed. Basically, the ashes from cremation are used to make jewelry or normally jewelry are adapted or modified so that they can be a place where a portion of the ashes can be stored. So, cremation jewelry could be something crafted out of the ashes of cremation, or something like a locket that is used to keep the ashes inside.

Why Cremation Jewelry?

There are basically two reasons why this type of jewelry is created. People react differently when asked about what they would do with the cremated remains of their loved ones. Some would just like to put them in urns, while other would like to have them up close with them wherever they would go. Cremation jewelry is made for the second group of people. They are those who would like to keep the ashes close to their hearts, literally.

These people also display some differences in their use of this jewelry. Some would like to wear them frequently while other would just like to display them as a valuable jewelry piece. No matter what their preference is, it is a fact that this ornament has become a part of the jewelry business. As such, many types of this ornament have already been created and which are now available in the market.

Here are some of your cremation jewelry options:

1) Signature Heart Keepsake – this cremation jewelry contains a small amount of cremated remains. It is available in 14k white and 14 k yellow gold. There is also a silver option. All are available with 18” chains. Engravings can be added if desired.

2) Cross Pendant – a cremation jewelry that is made of steel Gravure Craft J-1040

3) Cross Pendant Keepsake – this cute ornament also contains a little amount of cremated remains. It is available in 10k and 14k white gold and 10k and 14k yellow gold. A piece includes an 18” chain and engravings is also available if desired.

3) Heart Pendant – is a cremation jewelry made of stainless steel Gravure Craft J-1110

4) Oval Pendant Keepsake – this cremation adornment is made of 10k and 14k white gold. Another option is 10k yellow and 14k white gold. An 18-inch chain is included in the jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is another option. Engravings are also included if desired.

5)  Jewel Heart Pendant – a decorative element made of stainless steel Gravure Craft J-1050

6) Butterfly Pendant – this is also made of stainless steel Gravure Craft J-1190

7) Dragonfly Pendant – this is an ornament made of stainless steel Gravure Craft J-1420

8) Cross Pendant – This particular adornment is available in 10k white and yellow gold, and also in 14k white and yellow gold. A sterling silver option is also available. All pieces of jewelry include 18” chains, with engravings done if desired.

9) Humming Bird Pendant – this ornament is made of stainless steel Gravure Craft J-1220

10) Linked Bracelet Engraved Heart – this is a cremation jewelry that has the text “Always in my heart” engraved in it. It is made of stainless steel Gravure Craft J-2002.

11) Flat Heart Pendant – this cute jewelry is made of 10k and 14k white gold, and also in 10k and 14k yellow gold. Sterling silver is also an option. Every item includes an 18” chain, with engravings done if so desired.

12)  Oval Pendant – this is a pretty ornament that is made of 10k and 14k white gold and also available in 10k and 14k yellow gold. Each item comes with an 18” chain and engravings can be done if the customer wills it.

13) Flat Heart Bracelet – this cute jewelry is available in sterling silver with text engravings if the customer wants it.