Mocha Hardwood
Price: $150
Hardwood with satin finish
Batesville 255701
Size: 6″D x 4″H x 5″W
Also available in light and medium finish
Keepsake size available

Price: $175
Hardwood with satin finish
Batesville 255703
Size: 6″W x 5″D x 4″H
Keepsake size available


Braxton Maple
Price: $230

Wood with satin finish
Batesville 255706
Size: 9.25″W x 6.88″D x 6.5″H
Also available in Honey Brown

Minimum Hardwood 
Price: $280
Batesville 148322
Size: 7″L x 7″H x 10″W

Brougham Light Oak
Price: $285
Solid Oak
Gravure Craft UR-2021
Size: 9.75″W x 7.75″L x 10″H

Fairmont Cherry
Price: $335
Cherry Wood
Eckels 3523
Size: 7.4″D x 6.25″H x 11.9″W

Price: $370
Batesville 216023
Size: 8″D x 6″H x 10″W
Keepsake size available

Boston Cherry
Price: $385
Cherry Wood
GravureCraft UR-5000
Size: 11″L x 6″H x 8″W