CPP Death Benefit & Survivors Benefit:

The Canada Pension Plan Death benefit is a one time, lump sum payment made to the estate of the deceased contributor.

If there is a will, the executor named in the will to administer the estate must apply for the Death Benefit within 60 days of the date of death.

If there is no will, or if the executor did not apply for the death benefit within 60 days of the date of death, one of the following persons should apply.

Payment of the death benefit will be made in the following order of priority, upon application to:

1) person or institution responsible for funeral expenses
2) surviving spouse or common-law partner of the deceased
3) the next of kin of the deceased

CPP Survivors Pension:

The Canada Pension Plan Survivors Pension is paid to the person, who at the time of death, is the legal spouse or common law partner of the deceased contributor. If you were legally separated from your deceased spouse at the time of their death, you may still quality for this benefit.

CPP Children’s Benefit:

The CPP children’s benefit provides monthly payments to the dependent child(ren) of the deceased CPP contributor. To be eligible, the child(ren) must be:

1) A biological child
2) Legally adopted child
3) A child adopted in fact or
4) a child who was legally or in fact in the care and custody of the deceased.

Also the child must, at the time of death, be under the age of 18 or between ages of 18-25 and attending school/university full-time.

How to Apply:

As part of the service as Tranquility, the CPP benefit applications will be completed for you. You would just need to review the forms, sign and we mail on your behalf.