Grand Dad

by Jessica Styles

The smile on your face is a lasting memory in our hearts,
Nothing in this world not even life or death can keep us apart,
You have always been the one we go to for advise,
Whenever we are just upset, or even just a bit uptight,
You always seem to know the right thing to do and say,
But don’t worry you’re still the one we go to,
We’ll be together again one day,
We want to say thank you for being the best that you could be,
You’re our confidant, our best friend, the head of our family,
Now it is time that you can finally stop worrying about us,
You can relax, have fun, you no longer need to fuss,
We know that if we need to you, you be here by our side,
We do believe that even though your not here with us,
this will never be goodbye,
We love you and the happiness you have given us will last a life time.

My Grandfather

Author Unknown

My Grandfather was a man who had smiles to brighten your days,
who always made you feel good with his warm words of praise.
And what’s more he knew
what to do to make wishes come true.
He was my Grandfather.
My Grandfather was someone who always had good stories to tell,
but just as importantly he knew how to be a good listener as well.
He was patient and kind
and the very best friend you could ever hope to find.
He was no ordinary man.
And I’m proud to tell the world that
(grandfathers name) was my Grandfather.

A Poem For My Grandpa

by Kaitlin & Nana

My Grandpa, you are so special to me,
You teach me to be happy and free.
I love spending our fun days together,
We always find a new adventure.
You don’t mind answering my questions “Why?”,
You pick me up and carry me high.
My Grandpa, you take the time to teach,
And let me see things above my reach.
With you, I always feel safe and secure,
I’ll love you forever, ever more.
We say goodbye with a hug and kiss,
As I make a big, big special wish…
My wish for you, Grandpa, please, please don’t go.
Why? Because I love, love, love you so….