Aftercare & Grief Counseling ServicesHave You Thought About Aftercare?

The number of details that must be taken care of following the death of a loved one can be overwhelming.  Paperwork must be completed. Forms for survivor and death benefits must be filled out. If the deceased was a veteran, then the Last Post office of Veteran’s Affairs must also be notified.

At Tranquility, we have years of experience finalizing all these details, and can take care this paperwork for you.

We also offer an additional, optional service through our partners at Peacehold.  Peacehold handles other complex aspects of an estate, such as contacting foreign pension providers, transferring air miles, canceling credit cards and much more.

Finally, while Tranquility does not provide bereavement counseling, we can advise you on grief counseling providers and discuss other social services with you.

Contact us to discuss all your options regarding cremation arrangements and the aftercare services we can provide.