Forever in My Heart: Remembering and Letting Go

3040402928_342315bfcbMeeting that one individual that accepts us for who we are and understands us is rare. Some people might take a lifetime to find them and some are not even that lucky. Our loved ones would always tell us that we are all destined to meet our better half. Our parents would tell us that once we find that person, we enter into an explainable euphoric state. Everything seems lighter, happier, and easier. We discover certain things about ourselves that we never thought we had in us. The quiet ones would turn out to have so many things to say while the seemingly ordinary beings would turn out to do heroic acts.

Having that special kind of connection pushes us to take great care of it and protect it. It is this kind of relationship that enables us to continue striving for the best. However, we all know that there is an end to every beginning especially since we are all mortals. This is why all of us are encouraged to live the moment and, as much as possible, cherish every second of it. Since we do not have the power to predict our future, we are all encouraged to plan for what might happen. That is why insurance, funeral plans, and the last will and testament exists. There will come a time that we must face the inevitable and deal with it.

Losing someone we deeply care about is a tragic thing. It cripples us to a point that we want to be with them because of the terrible pain and loneliness. However, we all know that our loved ones would not want us to wallow in self-pity and would want us to move on with our lives. We are encouraged to honor their death by remembering how they lived. While it is not easy, reading funeral poems about love beyond death might help ease the pain. Some, on the other hand, would prefer keeping some of their better half’s remains in a Valentine Angel Heart Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry. This becomes a reminder of that great love that changed us for the better.