Spending the Holidays After Losing a Loved One

holiday greiving The grief over a loved one passing away will not end after the cremation has been completed. It is especially harder during the holidays because it is the time when you will be remembering all the memories you have spent with the them. The joy that is associated with the season will only serve as a grim reminder that things will not be the same anymore with the person missing from your life. Before the blues will hit you, you can try to prepare yourself by lining up a few activities that will allow you to interact with other people or visit new places.

You can also wear your cremation jewelry to keep your loved one close to you wherever you go. If you feel like holding a remembrance for them, you can do so through songs, poems, and writing letters. Even if they are not physically with you anymore, they will remain in your thoughts if you keep a candle burning for them or exchange stories about their life with those who are also close to them. Denying yourself of your usual holiday traditions will only make you feel worse so be open to creating new memories with those who are still with you.

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