Honoring a loved one with Cremation

cremation jewelryThe variety of cremation keepsakes offered today may just have tempered the harsh stigma of disrespect attached to cremating a loved one instead of burying them. Wearable urns are designed into pendants and lockets that can be significant to both the deceased and the one left behind. Another practical keepsake is an urn with a key ring attached for you to be able to carry a beloved person’s ashes as you move around. Keeping these pieces close to you certainly brings no less honor to those who passed than preserving them inside ornate coffins and holding burial services for them in cemeteries.

Unless the bereaved family or the deceased had opted for a direct cremation wherein no viewing would be held, a cremation will still allow traditional practices of holding a wake and other services in funeral homes prior to having the body cremated. Caskets may even be provided for these purposes to give the deceased’s family and friends time to pay their last respects. For many families, cremation has become not just a practical choice to commemorate their loved one’s passing but as an honorable and sensitive alternative to the usual burial practices.

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