Personalizing Cremation Urn With Hand-Painting

hand painted urnAn artist can create beautiful artwork using any medium and ceramic urns are not an exception. If someone who is dear to you has passed, you would only want the most personal and unique remembrance of them to stay with you. Having a loved one cremated will allow you to not only carry a part of them wherever you go, but you can have your pick on what type and style of urn or jewelry to put the ashes in. A burial will not give you the option to do this so you might as well take advantage of this and have a customized urn made.

If you truly want to make the urn reflect the person, you can have the urn hand-painted. A more durable and long lasting urn made from copper or bronze may not be as known as its ceramic counterpart for this purpose, but these materials can also be hand-painted and glazed to shine like any pottery. Just note, however, that these urns can bump up the cremation expenses a bit, but the quality and its personalization can be one of your ways to bring tribute and respect to a life well-lived.