Cremation Urns Through the Years

cremation jewerlyThe option of putting loved ones to rest by cremation has long been practiced in different cultures. From the adobe urns of the ancient Greeks to the uniquely fashioned urns made from marble, wood, ceramic, and other materials available today, families continue to honor and cherish the memories of those who passed before them through dedicated vessels. While some may eventually scatter the ashes in special places that the deceased had frequented in their lifetime or had considered to be meaningful to them, those left behind may also choose to keep a small portion of the ashes close by.

Cremation jewelry, for instance, would allow the bereaved family member to have a tangible item to represent the person they had lost. Ashes can be tucked inside small pendants that might appear to be typical jewelry pieces at first sight, but serve a second purpose of housing a part of your loved one. Tiny silver, brass, or gold keepsakes can be practical options of having the ashes with you wherever you go. If you wish, you may even have engraving added to personalize them further. Choosing the ash containers to fit your needs has certainly evolved over the years.