Fascinating things you can do with your loved ones’ ashes

Loved one's ashesThese days, it’s no longer enough to keep your loved ones’ ashes in highly ornate cremation urns.  As history proves it, we’re never always satisfied with what’s normal and mainstream.  Some have gone through all lengths to dispose or keep cremated remains in the most unique way they can think of, hence the existence of certain options.

While some of these options are oddly fascinating, others are just plain absurd.  But then, to each his own.  Here are some of the most interesting ways to breathe new life to cremains:

Skin deep in commemorative tattoos

Some people took commemorative tattoos to a whole new level, in the hopes of keeping their deceased loved ones closer.  How?  By tattooing the ashes on their skin!  You’d be surprised that there are actually tattoo artists who offer such services.  But isn’t that unsanitary, not to mention, dangerous?

Not if the ashes are sterilized.  Plus, only a miniscule portion of the ashes actually go into the ink.

Plush toys

On the lighter side though, cremains can also become part of something cuddly and comforting.  In The Light Urns and Huggable Urns offer teddy bear and plush toy urns, where you can store a portion of your loved one’s cremains inside a stuffed animal’s body.  It’s a good option for parents who have lost a child, and would like to have something to cuddle and hold tight when they are sad and missing.

Become part of nature

When you die, you have the option to “make like a tree and leave (this world)”, literally.  Bios Urn are biodegradable urns made from coconut shell, cellulose and compacted peat, which contain a seed of a tree.  Once your cremains are placed inside the urn, it can be planted to allow the seeds to germinate and grow.

Ashes to ashes, dust to diamonds

You can have the ashes of your deceased loved ones “immortalized” in a diamond.  LifeGem offers to turn your loved one’s ashes into diamonds of assorted cuts, colors and clarity, using the carbon from the cremains.  You can use the gems to make pieces of cremation jewelry, from rings to pendants.  Diamonds are, after all, forever.

Go out with a bang!

Add a festive twist to the traditional ash scattering, by turning your loved one’s ashes into fireworks.  Heavenly Stars Fireworks can help you send off your loved one or friend with style, by embedding his or her ashes in specially designed and quality checked pyrotechnics.

These options are not for everyone.  While some may find them oddly appealing, others may not fancy becoming “ash diamonds” or being put inside plush cremation urns when they die.

Hence, it is important for everyone to discuss their plans with their loved ones, while they still can.