Choosing a Keepsake for Cremation

Keepsake Cremation Urns TorontoOne of the growing types of memorial items in cremating the body of a deceased loved one is the cremation keepsake. There are a lot of keepsakes to choose from these days and each one will definitely memorialize your loved one.

Keepsakes are made out of different materials that are combined with the ashes or the remains of your loved one that were collected after the cremation process.

Here are the most popular types of cremation keepsakes:

  • Cremation Jewelry. A Jewelry piece that has been instilled with the cremated remains of a deceased individual is probably one of the most popular types of cremation keepsake today. This is because cremation charms and accessories can be worn anywhere. These pieces will help them commemorate their dead loved ones wherever they may be. In addition to that, the possibilities of designs, shapes, and types of jewelries are endless. You can choose to have a pendant, a bracelet or even a locket.
  • Keepsake Urn. The keepsake urn is different from the cremation urn in the sense that keepsake urns are a lot smaller in size and they are miniature containers that can easily be transported and transferred. Cremation urns will be the large ones where majority of the remains will be placed. If the family would want to bring a few ashes home and some would wish to distribute the remains to all of the members, a keepsake urn will be their best option.
  • Ash sculptures. The ashes of your deceased loved one can also be combined with clay so they could be molded into a decorative piece. The most common shape that is requested by many is the angel. The family believes that the soul of their faithful departed will now be their guardian angel watching over them from heaven.