A Mini-Guide on Creating Care Packages

To say that losing a loved one can be difficult is a gross understatement. Apart from the apparent loss of someone dear, there lies the financial burdens and preparatory aspects of the funeral. After all, the bereaved bear the responsibility of organizing the wake and memorial ceremonies.

When you know a grieving friend is struggling amidst a loss of a loved one, it is beneficial to them if you extend a helping hand. If you want to stay proactive in helping, you can refer to obituaries to see where the wake is and what the funeral plans are. From there, you can decide how you want to help and what you want to give. It can be in the form of your presence by attending the services, or you can send something tangible like food for the reception. 

If the final disposition is cremation, one gift idea is providing the urn, which will serve as the vessel for the cremation remains. This container can even be styled and personalized to embody the personality of the deceased. A customized urn carries on their legacy and acts as a meaningful reminder. This thoughtful gift will provide comfort to the grieving family. 

But if you are looking to do something more personalized after the ceremonies are done, you can also give a care package. Typically, the bereaved family members feel overwhelming loss when the funeral rites are over. And they usually struggle to get back to their routine. The glaring absence of the deceased makes it harder to do daily activities. Hence, a care package can provide a little bit of happiness amidst their darkest hours. Here are just some of the things you can include to cheer up your grieving friend:

Prepare Hygiene Kits

Most grieving families can spend endless hours at the wake venues. Being caught in a limbo of sad emotions can often throw off a routine, including personal hygiene. Including personal hygiene products in your care kit gives the bereaved the resources to keep themselves fresh and healthy. Include a toothbrush, some soaps, and other everyday hygiene items that they may use to freshen up every few hours or so. The bereaved family usually doesn’t feel motivated to shop for these essentials, and having them handy will help. 

Stock Up on Food and Snacks

It is easy to forget to eat when you are grieving. One way to help a bereaved friend out is to include some easy to eat items into your care package. Things like snacks, candies, trail mixes, protein bars, crackers, and other non-perishable items are great inclusions as you are never sure how long it will take before these items get eaten.

Put in Trinkets and Other Thoughtful Gifts

As noted above, gifting an urn is a great idea, but if that is a bit too pricey, you may always give other trinkets and small gifts. Things like scented candles, a fuzzy blanket, a curated photo album, and the like will be much appreciated. If you know that the bereaved has small children, books, coloring materials, and stuffed toys will also help lighten the mood and keep the kids occupied.

Add Uplifting Messages and Resources

While grand gestures are always appreciated, never discount small things. In fact, even simple and kind words appeal to the hearts of many people. One thing to include that would extensively provide comfort to your grieving friend is uplifting messages. This can be a simple letter, a quote compilation, or even religious texts and verses (if applicable to their faith). You may also compile notes from all of your mutual friends and have them bound. You can also opt to include some books that tackle grief and how to live life despite the loss. These resources may provide the tools to help your grieving friend cope and process their negative emotions.

Final Wrap Up

There are many ways to uplift the spirits of friends who are currently mourning the loss of a loved one. Just as their name suggests, care packages are just one of the many ways to show that you truly care. While these curated gifts are an excellent means of extending your genuine care and support, you may always opt to give other things, like flower bouquets or casserole dishes. 

Alternatively, you can show your sincerity through other means, like attending the wake and funeral services or offering mass cards with monetary aid. Regardless of how you choose to express your support, your concern will go a long way in helping those mourning towards their path to healing. And as a true friend, your presence and kind gestures provide a pillar of support that someone grieving needs to cope and carry on.