New Options for Keepsakes Memorial and Cremation Jewelry

People who are losing their loved ones in death often find different means on how they can still have a remembrance of their family members even if they have already been cremated or buried. Thankfully, there are now numerous options on how you can make memorabilia out of the cremains of a deceased individual.

In the past, cremation jewelry pieces were not very popular because only few companies were offering them and they were quite expensive. Today, more options are available and they are also offered at a much affordable cost.

  • Necklaces and Pendants. Necklaces and pendants are among the most popular choices of memorial jewelry that people purchase today. Memorial necklaces can hold ashes inside a small compartment. of the pendant. The necklace itself cab be made with the actual ashes as one of the materials. Aside from ashes, there are also people who give the jewelry makers a strand of hair of the deceased to be incorporated inside the pendant too.
  • Lockets. Lockets are also well-received among consumers because in addition to the ashes of the deceased, the wearer can also place a picture inside them to really help remember their loved one. Lockets are definitely bigger in size but the new designs offered today are extremely elegant and they can be made out of gold, silver, sterling, or glass. The cover can even be engraved with the initials of the commemorated loved one.
  • Print Jewelry. A new addition to the keepsake memorial jewelry family is the print jewelry. These are the pieces where the fingerprint or the footprint of the deceased can be embossed into the pendant. It is important to get a copy of the finger, hand, or foot print before the cremation services so you could submit it to the jewelry maker. Although there may be no ashes used in these pieces, they are still personalized because fingerprints and footprints are supposed to be unique.