Ash Scattering Ideas for the Cremation Remains

Are you looking for creative ideas for your dearly departed cremation remains? You can consider an ash scattering ceremony if you don’t feel like storing the ashes in the typical urn or cremation niche. This special event is an excellent way for family and friends to gather together and bid a communal farewell to your deceased loved one. In addition, many families consider ash scattering as a meaningful method for finding closure and paving the way for healing in these modern times.

If you need inspiration for a beautiful ash scattering ceremony, you have to consider several things like the personality of the deceased and where you intend to scatter the ashes. Moreover, should you wish to do it in a public space, specific steps may have to be followed because some places have requirements and rules. Learn more about ash scattering below:

Go With Traditional Ash Scattering Ceremonies

You can scatter a loved one’s ashes using various methods. There’s no right or wrong way to get this done. What you choose can be as unique as the personality of the deceased or your family dynamics. Check out the three most popular types below: 

  • Water Ceremony

As the name suggests, this involves scattering the ashes in bodies of water like a meaningful lake, pond, river, stream, or ocean. Usually, the remains stay in a water-soluble vessel, which will dissolve once placed in water. Then, you can release the ashes with floating flowers and candles to make the event more meaningful. Noteworthy, some areas may require permits before you can execute a water ceremony. Again, ask your funeral director for guidance, especially if you have a particular place in mind that’s meaningful for your family and the deceased. 

  • Casting Ceremony

This ceremony entails releasing the remains into the wind. The ashes will then disperse across land and water. Those who have done it share that this is very cathartic because the act of freeing the ashes signifies you are letting go. If you intend to do this, take note of wind direction so you can release the ashes properly without them ricocheting back to you. For an extraordinary ceremony, you can release butterflies into the air concurrently with the ashes. It is a brilliant sight that symbolizes freedom and transition. Besides, butterflies are pollinators that contribute to the growth of flora in the area.

  • Raking Ceremony

Today, scattering gardens are now prevalent. Many funeral homes have these gardens where you can assemble with your family and friends to release the ashes. Typically, the remains are spread on the ground and gently raked to mix with the soil. To make this event more meaningful, you can ask the guests to share stories about the deceased as the ashes are raked into the soil. You can also play various funeral songs to commemorate the event. 

Give These Unique Ash Scattering Ideas a Try

If you want to spruce up your ash scattering ceremony, there are other ways to do it than the traditional methods noted above. Organizations have developed new technologies to help you honor your loved one’s memory. Take a look at these ideas below: 

  • Firework Display

Celebrations and fireworks typically go hand in hand. Now, you will find companies that can add the ashes into fireworks. Then, as the fireworks burst in the sky, the remains are freed. This is an excellent way to conclude a memorial service. What better way to celebrate a beautiful life than with big, bright fireworks that add color to the night sky.

  • Memorial Jewelry

Some companies can transform a portion of the cremation remains into one-of-a-kind jewelry like a pendant, charm bracelet, or even ring. If you’re not into jewelry, the team can morph it into a small holding cross or heart paperweight. In this way, your loved one will be with you all the time. 

  • Get Inked 

Another alternative for the ashes is getting a permanent reminder like a tattoo. Today, tattoo artists can mix the ashes with tattoo ink and use it to create a drawing into your body. Getting a memorial tattoo is a permanent reminder that it will be there forever. The design can be as simple as the name of your departed loved one or it can be more intricate like a favorite character or meaningful quote. 

Remember These Important Considerations for Ash Scattering 

If you are set on holding an ash scattering ceremony, speak with your municipality to ensure you are not violating any laws when you release the remains. Scattering the ashes in a public place, especially waterways, requires permission from the local government. Meanwhile, letting go of ashes in uncontrolled public lands needs discretion. Although there are no regulations, use your best judgment. For example, try to release the cremation remains at least 100 yards from the nearest roads or trails.  

Similarly, holding the ceremony in a private space that you don’t own may require written permission from the owner. As you can see, if you decide to honor the memory of your departed loved one by scattering their ashes, making some advance prepping will ensure that everything goes smoothly, especially in terms of logistical arrangements.