Can You Be Cremated Without a Service?

Some people think that advanced funeral planning by assessing your final disposition options is courting disaster. Contrary to that line of thinking, organizing ahead about what to do in case you meet your untimely demise is a smart move. Most people shy away from discussing death because they deem it as too morbid. However, if you wait until the very last second, this puts pressure on your loved ones.

In case of an unexpected passing, if you don’t have plans in place, your heirs are going to suffer. They will make difficult decisions in their cloud of grief. On top of that, they may have to make some tough financial choices because saying goodbye for eternity is not cheap. Thus, it is best to think about these things while you’re still agile because it sets you free to live a more beautiful life. Planning prepares you for any eventualities.

Specifics on Direct Cremation

If you think that traditional burial is not the service for you, cremation is another dignified final disposition option. If the budget is tight, you can opt for direct cremation because the basic service fee for this method is significantly cheaper than going the funeral route. You will save a lot of your hard-earned money and leave more for your loved ones.

Direct cremation means the body will be cremated shortly after passing without a funeral service. This method is the most affordable plan out there as it has no fuss and frills. It is cheap because the remains do not need embalming and other body preparation procedures. There is also no mandatory funeral service required which is an additional expense, too.

Details About This Service

Since direct cremations no longer include a formal funeral or any types of memorial events before the burial, the expensive traditional costs become moot. Because the body undergoes cremation after passing, it doesn’t have to go to a funeral home for preservation. The bereaved can take the deceased directly to a crematorium. Choosing this plan will save you and your loved ones a substantial amount of money.

Expensive caskets are not necessary for direct cremation. Since there will be no public viewing, a simple container that can hold the body will suffice. It can even be a basic sturdy cardboard box or an unfinished wooden one. The only requirement: it must fit inside the cremation chamber. There is no need for fancy embellishments because there will be no wake and visitors. In spite of this method’s simplicity, this most basic form of cremation is still a meaningful way to say goodbye.

Memorial Service Post-Cremation

If direct cremation is your choice, you can instruct your family to have a memorial service once they receive the cremation remains known as the ashes. These ashes remain safe inside an urn, which comes in many different types with a broad range of prices, depending on style, make, and design.

Typically, the crematory will put the ashes in a temporary urn until the bereaved family members decide what to do with the remains. Some people choose to set the ashes free into the ocean. However, if there is a memorial service, it would be prudent to place the ashes in a lovely looking urn as it will be the centerpiece during the event.

There are many different types of cremations urns with embellishments, engravings, or designs. Nevertheless, you should not worry about spending too much because this kind of post-cremation service is still significantly cheaper than holding a pre-burial service with a body and a casket.

Arranging For a Direct Cremation

Once you’ve identified which crematory to use, the staff will be able to handle all the aspects of prepping the body for entering the cremation chamber. They will assist the bereaved family members in completing a death certificate. They can also transport the body to the crematorium for a minimal fee.

Take note that a crematorium transport fee is significantly less than what a funeral home would charge for doing the same thing. However, if a specific crematorium does not offer this service, you can also hire a funeral home. This way will mark up the price a bit because the funeral home will also ask for their basic service fee along with the transport fee. Making arrangements ahead of time will reduce the costs significantly.

However, if the decision is to inter the urn, a burial plot must be provided. Another option would be to place the urn in a columbarium. You need to pay for the plot of land or the columbarium niche. There will also be the added cost of a headstone to include the name and other pertinent details. For commercial places such as these, expect that they will charge endowment care fees for maintenance.

Final Word

Choosing the final disposition method is a very personal choice. You have the power to make this ahead of time. If unforeseen events occur, your family members need to make the decisions. Remember, opting for direct cremation and doing away with the frills of a service is okay. No one will judge you for this decision. After all, everyone can pay respects to the deceased in their own unique way by looking back fondly at memories and praying for eternal peace.