Is Cremation The Better Way?

Direct CremationTraditional burial is becoming expensive. Many are already feeling the burden of having to shell out thousands of dollars for this. And since many see cremation costs to be more affordable – even as low as $250, then this becomes a more economical choice

When you planning for a traditional burial, think about the costs as: cemetery plot, coffin, and head stone. No doubt, direct cremation provides a cheaper alternative. And if desired, a memorial service can still be held where family and friends can pay their respects.

If you need help, the funeral director will be able to coordinate and facilitate for you all that is required. His coordination can include flowers, music to play and transportation.  He can also educate you better as to how this process goes. He can suggest what are needed and what has to be done for this alternative method of burial.

The question now is whether traditional burial is right for the case at hand, or a cremation would suffice. This all depends on you and your family. And whatever is more appropriate for your situation, then proceed with that one.