Why Biodegradable Urns Make Sense

cremation urnsWhen faced with the countless options on what to put your loved one’s ashes in, you can look into the benefits of choosing one of the bio degradable urns. For one, these urns often come cheaper than its marble, steel, or even wood counterparts so if the costs of your loved one’s illness and eventual passing away have put a strain on your family’s finances, then these urns can relieve you from the additional expenses. Typically made from thick quality paper, these urns can even come set with seeds that will sprout into plants after they are buried.

Cremation urns that break down in time without destroying the environment can accommodate any means that you prefer in scattering the ashes. There are urns that are fashioned from salt that can float on water to carry the ashes for hours before melting and mixing harmlessly with the water.

Most of these types of urns will also pass through airport security without problems so if you need to transport the ashes, you can safely bring the urn with you inside the cabin. With the convenience and flexibility that a biodegradable urn can give you, it certainly makes sense to choose one over the other less greener options.

Source:  https://www.inthelighturns.com/biodegradable-urns.html