Types of Cremation Urns

different type of urnsNow that you have carried out your loved one’s request to carry on with basic cremation, you now have to decide as to where to store your loved one’s ashes. There are a variety of options that is available for storage. Styles and designs varies depending on taste and cremation cost.

To have an overview of the different types of cremation urns, here is a simple list that we have done to guide you on which options to choose.

  1. Biodegradable Urns
    The ‘environmentalist’ would probably like to make use of biodegradable urns. These types of urns are sustainable, green and natural. Products used for these types of urns are natural fibers and cellulose. These materials can decompose and help build less waste into our environment. For those who would like to choose this option, being buried in a garden or forest would be great if biodegradable urns are used.
  2. Glass Urns
    Classic and elegant, these are the types of urns that are best for display. Most of those who choose these urns opt to display the cremation urn at home or at a columbarium. However, glass urns should be handled carefully for risk of breaking.
  3. Metal Urns
    Another type of a classical urn is metal. These types of urns are heavy and durable. With metal urns, you can have the option to customize your urn. You can also engrave names and simple words and phrases on metal urns. A metal urn is also another great vessel to display at home or a columbarium.
  4. Wooden Urns
    Wooden urns are another type of classic urns. This is also biodegradable. So it is okay to be buried in soil if your plan is to have the cremation container decay and be “one with the earth”. On the other hand, a wooden urn is also great for display since it can be carved, engraved and customized to your liking. And unlike metal of glass, it is cheaper and much easier to work with.

So there you go, these are but few of the common types of cremation urns you can choose from.