How Do Cremation Fireworks Work?

Perhaps you’ve heard about one of the latest trends in the field of cremation services. And that’s releasing cremation fireworks. This spectacular, colorful display amidst the backdrop of a dark night with twinkling stars is another wonderful and creative way to honor your deceased loved one. Find out more about cremation fireworks below.

Why Cremation Fireworks?

If your deceased loved one had a fun personality that loves to be different, releasing cremation fireworks is a perfect way to celebrate that uniqueness. Some who have written their preferences may have included this in their wishes. Scattering cremains or cremation remains through fireworks is legal in Canada. Today, many families choose cremation fireworks, also often called memorial fireworks, as an option to show that a person’s demise is not a mere sad ending. Instead, it is a celebration of a beautiful life, and these wonderful fireworks symbolize that. 

Fortunately, you can find many funeral homes that really go out of their comfort zones to meet their clients’ wishes. Scattering of cremation ashes through fireworks is another avenue to help families grieve the loss of their loved ones in a way that’s acceptable and comforting for their broken hearts. So if this is an option that you would like to consider, speak with your funeral director because they are compassionate listeners who want to help you and the rest of your family in your journey towards healing. 

What Happens During the Ceremony? 

In general, families and friends gather for a small memorial service with a reception at the funeral home before the fireworks displays (ensconced with the ashes) are released at night. A small group gathers for a meal and shares stories about the deceased. The final tribute to cap the day is the release of the fireworks, which is indeed a remarkable way to say goodbye. 

If you or your loved one are interested in having the cremations ashes be part of a spectacular fireworks show, coordinate with your funeral home director to have everything arranged. Using fireworks as a way to scatter those ashes is truly one of a kind. Some even say this is a great option to have your deceased loved one leave their earthly life with a huge impact. Fortunately, there are now many acceptable methods in the death care industry so you can find one that suits your family’s needs and preferences. 

How Does This Cremains Release Work? 

A crematory house will conduct direct cremation of the body, following the standard procedures. When the process is done, a portion of the cremated remains is given to a pyrotechnics company. The rest of the remains are then given to you in a temporary urn. You have the freedom to do what you want with the ashes. You can keep the rest and put them in an urn, have them created into a keepsake like cremations jewelry, or bury them in your yard with a memorial tree.  

The rest of the ashes given to the pyrotechnic company will be transformed into firework shells. The pyrotechnic specialist will load about three to four tablespoons of the ashes into the fireworks shell with the other components needed to create the display. And from there, an appropriate time is set to release the fireworks at an acceptable place. Notably, you can’t release fireworks just anywhere due to legalities. Some considerations include noise pollution and fire hazards. 

But with professional assistance, you can legally host a cremation fireworks ceremony. The entire fireworks display only lasts around 5 minutes long. Since the release of the fireworks itself is swift, many families opt for a simple memorial before the main event. The primary consideration to make everything successful is to coordinate with a reputable funeral home 

Create a Memorable Experience

Bear in mind that releasing fireworks is more than just a show. Dying rituals comfort the living and celebrate the dead. Like other methods of scattering ashes, cremation fireworks honor both the family and the deceased loved one. Apart from using this method to show your love and respect for the deceased, it has become an alternative option to show how you’re ready to let go and move on. 

Although it is now very much possible to send your loved one off with a loud bang in Canada, you must coordinate with the right people to make your desires come to life. Like other burial alternatives, releasing memorial fireworks serves as a reminder that life is precious. And just like how fleeting fireworks are, life must be lived to the fullest with the people you care about.