How to Safeguard Your Family From Sudden Death

In today’s modern world, most people have a tendency to ignore death. It’s considered taboo and morbid to discuss this topic. As a result, most individuals avoid talking about it and planning for it. Although everyone knows that death is an inescapable fact of life, most people are still unwilling to imagine when it will happen to them or their loved ones.

And that’s understandable because the concept of death itself is very terrifying. The thought of leaving the world makes people feel vulnerable. Dwelling on death goes against the human instinct of survival to remain alive and well. Death is indeed a scary notion so you may not want to imagine your future passing at all. Hence, it could be in the farthest corner of your mind to think about future funeral or cremation services.  

Since time immemorial, humans have feared dying and this strong sense of survival has kept the human race alive from the caveman days. However, although this instinct is natural, it won’t serve your family well in case something happens to you. After all, there are many things beyond your control. So even if you live a healthy lifestyle, accidents or illnesses can occur. 

Thus, it would be better to release yourself from this terrifying fear of death and become more mindful in order to properly plan for the future and care for the ones you may leave behind. Here’s how you can safeguard your family in case of sudden death. It will also help even if, god forbid, you end up with a terminal illness. 

Stay Mindful and Make More Conscious Choices

Practice the art of mindfulness by keeping an active and alert mind. This helps you become more aware and attuned to what’s happening in the present. Instead of letting your fears control you, you can have a presence of mind and stay calm even in the midst of troubles or worries. When you stay mindful, you live more fully in the moment and make more conscious choices fueled by your rational side.

When you are awakened to the reality that death is inevitable, you actually liberate yourself from the clutches of fear. As a result, you are able to include death into your life and make concrete plans for its eventual passing. If you are able to reach this plane of existence, you can live a more purposeful life because you have nothing holding you back. 

Vital Details to Prepare Ahead of Time

Since death is a natural part of life, it’s important to normalize preparing for your own death. When you live with purpose and intention, you can live more fully. Looking towards death and confronting it is not courting disaster. Instead, it allows you to prepare for it and control it. Although you can’t predict the future and you won’t know for sure when life will exactly end, making the necessary preparations make you feel secure, especially if you have a family who depends on you. Take a look at the following tasks to help plan for the future: 

  • Prepare a Will: Write your wishes in a will and have it notarized. Make sure you give your executor or any other family members a copy. They will make sure that your estate and other affairs are settled according to your wishes. 
  • Make a Living Will: Write a living will so that your concerns over medical, financial, or legal needs are met in case you encounter an illness or accident. At the time, you may be unable to care for or address these needs. You must also designate a power of attorney to someone you trust if you’re incapacitated. 
  • Create a Pre-Funeral Plan: Make a detailed plan of your funeral or cremation service. Include details such as funeral flowers, chosen casket, cremation niches, etc. This will help your surviving family members plan a meaningful memorial service that celebrates your life. It also takes out the stress of deciding, especially if you’ve pre-paid for some of the services. This allows your family members to mourn in peace because you’ve arranged everything for them well ahead of time. 
  • Organize Documents: Take time to organize your financial documents including bank documents, mortgage papers, bills, insurance policies, vehicle titles, any loan documents, investments, etc. Having these papers prepared ahead of time will make it so much easier for your bereaved family.  
  • Don’t Forget Digital Accounts: If you have any money in digital banks, online wallets, cryptocurrencies, etc., don’t let all of those go to waste in case of your sudden demise. Instead, make a detailed list of usernames and corresponding passwords. Keep this secure but find a way to let surviving family members have access to these assets. You want them handled correctly after your passing. 

Be Courageous and Face Reality No Matter How Harsh

Although it’s tempting to gloss over death and pretend it won’t happen, the reality is life is uncertain. There are many things you cannot schedule and control. Although most people hope that death claims them in their old age, the harsh truth is more and more young people are dying due to accidents, crimes, and illnesses. 

Therefore, it is vital to get a good grasp on the reality of death. Facing your mortality will allow you to prepare for life’s eventualities. And when you stay courageous, you can live a more satisfying life because you’re not pretending bad things won’t even happen. Instead, facing death in the eyes allows you to live more fully. Make sure your wishes are heard even long after you’re gone by making preparations now. If you need assistance, you can talk to our Tranquility Funeral Home team and we can guide you on pre-planning to carry out your wishes and protect your family during trying times.