Twin Arguments for Cremation

burial cremation urnsProponents of direct cremation, which is the immediate cremation of the body right after its death, will cite that this method can possibly reduce the transfer of any contagious illnesses that had racked the body while still alive. If the illness or cause of death had also decayed or battered the body to a certain extent, the deceased or their family may opt for a direct cremation. This decision will certainly spare them of the extra costs of embalming the body. Those who want to cut back more can do away with the memorial as well and will just bring home the ashes in cremation urns or scatter them in some location.

Another reason wherein cremation takes the edge over burial, as its advocates would point out, has something to do with real estate. The world, populated as it is right now, would need to allocate a considerable chunk of land if all of its inhabitants would choose to be buried. Cremation will help ease that demand for cemeteries and plots because ashes, being portable, can be divided among family members and brought to their individual homes to be placed on their mantel.