The Beauty of Wooden Cremation Urns

biodegradable urnsThe classic lines of cremation urns made from wood will often catch the eye of families who wish to pass on the memorial of their loved ones to the younger generations. The stained wooden textures of walnut, cherry, or mahogany will give that needed warmth to any room and echo the like furniture you may have. Unlike the ceramic or glass urns, even the most affordable of these pieces like those made from pine, would not break when accidentally knocked over so they will indeed last longer. If in time your family would wish to bury the ashes, these biodegradable urns can also decompose without harming the soil.

Another good characteristic of wood is its ability to be fashioned into different shapes. Though a covered jar may be the popular choice, you can have your pick from the assortment of styles available. From carved wooden boxes to other sculpted objects, an urn can be discreetly placed inside so it can function as both an art piece and an ash vessel. Although the usual practice is to allow the wood grain to shine through the stain, these urns can also be painted and customized according to the the family’s or the deceased person’s wishes.