What Direct Cremation Packages Include

direct cremation servicesIn direct cremation, a couple of steps are taken out from the traditional funeral practices. First, the deceased body will no longer be embalmed because it will be taken directly to the crematorium right after the death. For the same reason, the other practice that is done away is the viewing of the deceased in a casket. Because of the omission of these practices, a family can expect to save on the costs relating to them. Along with the ordinary cremation, they will not be paying for the coffin, burial plot, and other burial-related expenses as well.

When they look into the different cremation packages, they may want to check if there are distance limits put on the transportation services from the location of death to the mortuary and crematorium. In lieu of embalming, they might be charged with refrigeration costs. Most funeral homes will include in the cremation costs the cremation process itself, the assistance on getting permits and documents in order, the cardboard box or casket as well as the ash container or urn. The floral arrangements, funeral services or ceremony, guest books and other accessories may come extra so the family can inquire if these items are offered at higher priced packages and avail of that instead.

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