The Importance of Drafting A Will

Death is a very sensitive subject. The breaching of this topic is generally avoided across cultures. The subject can be quite painful to discuss so people would rather not talk about it, something which is understandable enough. However, this does not change the fact that death is a fact of life. A terminal illness could strike us at any time or we can meet a fatal accident. There’s just no way to know when our time is up and human lives can be quite the fragile thing.


While we may not have control over death, we do have some control over what happens to our possessions after we die. This may sound very materialistic, but it’s a reality that there are people, our children, and families who depend on what we can provide for them and the moment we’re done in this life, they will lose not only a loved one but also important resources that can help them go through life without you.


This is why we think it is important for you to write up a will so that the people who depend on you will have their fair share of things. We’re sure you’ve heard of families fighting over the properties of a deceased family member who died without a will and true enough, those quarrels can get ugly. Planning ahead and putting your final wishes in print ensures the peace of mind of your family and all the people you will be leaving behind. But is this something only the old and rich worry about, you ask. Well, to that we say, young and poor people can die too, yes? The point here is not whether you are rich, old, young or poor, it’s about securing the future of your own family. And, we believe, there is nothing more important than that.


A documented will secures your chosen beneficiaries after your death. As people are seeking ways to economize the burial process such as cremation services, which is a practical way of handling the remains of your loved ones, your will is also a practical step towards giving your children an insurance for your investments. You may also use a will if you are a parent since it can allow you to designate legal guardians for your children in case of your untimely death. This is vital in case you pass away in a time when your children are still minors. They will need guidance from a trusted adult figure who will be with them in a time of this great loss and sorrow.


Dying without a will also makes your hard-earned property be under the mercy of the government. In most countries, your properties go to your immediate family members when you die. However, it may so happen that there will be unexpected contestants to your property, people who will lay claim to your things and these people can and will go to court for this. Stories of celebrities dying off without a will who end up having their families torn because of many years of court debacle over their property are common. Having a will makes it so you know who receives what and just how much. Dying without a will does not also spare you from people with malicious intent who will commit perjury and make fabricated wills in your name. A good attorney should be able to ward these off.


To secure the will you will need an executor. The executor will handle all the legal aspects of the will and make sure they are enacted. Thus an executor role is an important one. You will need to have to subscribe to a trusted legal firm so they can execute your final wishes.  And by final wishes, we mean every final wish. When drafting a will, you can put as many things with as much detail as you can and, yes, you can make changes to this will as often as you like or at least as often as the laws where you’re from allows you to. This can go from how you want to be buried, be it in a coffin or cremated, down to which funeral songs you want for your funeral. The possibilities are immense.