Now Trending: Personalized Funeral Service

Funerals, memorials, and services have always been a part of the tradition of families. If the tradition begins with baptism, then it shall end with a proper funeral for the dead. However, times have changed and more people are making their funeral services a personal experience rather than a tradition that must be followed carefully.

Here are some bits of information about personalized funerals:

  • Personalized funerals go beyond making the choice between cremation services from actual burial services. The provisions and choices that you select for the personalization actually involves the entire funeral including flowers, the costumes of the guests, the theme, the food, and the program as well.
  • Personalized funerals can both be planned by the deceased and his family. The deceased individual can have it personalized through a pre-plan or a last will where he can indicate everything that he wants for his funeral. If there are no specific details, the family members can step in and personalize the funeral to honor their deceased loved one.
  • Because personalized funerals are all about celebrating what the deceased person’s life was, many people pre-plan ahead. Pre-planning your funeral is actually the advisable method because it does not only remove burden from your family, it also takes care of the bills. If a person decides to get a funeral plan ahead of time, he will be paying for the cremation costs or burial expenditures and other components of the service.
  • Personalized funerals help individuals to be flexible in their own budget since they can take away or add certain components that they want. They could also be an outlet of creativity since anything can be done. Some people honor deceased artists by having an art show in their funerals. Others would play festive songs which were the favorite tunes of those who have died.