Facts about Direct Burials and Cremation

For most people, it is customary to offer a memorial service to the deceased before the remains are buried or cremated even if it will just be composed of a small group of people.

But there are also families who would want to get over with the cremation or burial as soon as possible so that their feelings of grief and suffering can be diminished. For these people, funeral homes that offer direct burial and direct cremation will be available for their services.

Here are some facts about these direct services that you might want to know first:

  • Direct Burials. Direct burials are those types of burials that occur shortly after the death of an individual. There are no days in between the death and the actual burial process. Once the hospital and the medical director clear the body and a death certificate is furnished, the burial shall commence with the permission of the family members. Because of the very short amount of time between the death and the burial, there will be no viewing or visitation anymore. The family can decide later to have a separate memorial at the site of the grave.
  • Direct Cremations. Direct cremations are almost similar to direct burials because the time frame between the death and the cremation process is also shortened. As soon as all paperwork and files are submitted, the family can now allow the crematorium to begin with the cremation process. Cremation costs for this type of service are usually lower since the casket used is very basic and there will also be no unnecessary fees due to delays. The good thing about direct cremations is that the ashes or the remains of the deceased can still be present when the memorial service will be held at another venue in the future.