Being prepared: A good new year’s resolution

happy new year 2014People often talk about starting a good habit such as exercising, or kicking a bad habit to the curb, such as smoking once the dawn of the New Year arrives.  But has anyone ever considered preparing for the inevitable as a good New Year’s resolution?

Sure, planning for your funeral at the start of the year may sound morbid, but it may be a big help for you and your loved ones.  Prepaying is often not a requirement, but it is important to take care of the details, such as choosing between funeral or cremation services, or selecting a coffin, urn or cremation jewelry.

So how do you go about pre-planning your funeral or cremation?  First, you need to make a checklist.  In creating a checklist, you need to be as detailed as possible.  What type of coffin do you want?  If you opt for cremation, would you want your ashes to be interred in a columbarium niche, or be turned into a jewelry?

It is important, too, that you plan out and discuss your last will and testament with your trusted legal representative or lawyer.  It’s never too early to do so.  Having a clear cut and detailed last will and testament will prevent any skirmishes that may possibly arise between your loved ones when dividing your estates.  Include in your will the name of the person you will be appointing as  your children’s legal guardian if your kids are very young.

If you are considering on pre-paying for your funeral or cremation, you need to ask about the payment options available, guarantees, and refund and cancelation fees (if you plan on cancelling later on) before making your payment.  You need to keep all the receipts, as well as the contract that contains the services and supplies you requested in detail and give it to the person you have trusted to carry out your funeral or cremation plans as well as your legal representative.

Last but not the least, you need to make your wishes known to your loved ones so they can carry them out the way you wanted it after your death.

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  1. Randy , Judy & Matthew Stevenson
    Randy , Judy & Matthew Stevenson says:

    Our thoughts are with Geraldine & Family ,Kevin& Ruth . Uncle Eric was a great man and will be dearly missed ….

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