How Cremation Became Mainstream

Cremation Keepsake HeartWith the advent of cremation jewelry and other cremation keepsakes, cremation has indeed transformed itself from being a less favored option to burial to a considerable alternative. In the past, however, a body cremated suffered the presumption of its family not being able to afford a proper burial.

Part of this belief can also be attributed to funeral homes that promote burials because of the money-making opportunities that come along with them. The location rental, flowers, casket, transportation, and many other items associated with burials all come with a price and if the family will decide on a burial, they will have to shell out for these additional things as well.

Cremation costs, on the other hand, had always been the lower-priced option. Even if the family will decide to conduct a viewing at the funeral home, some caskets can be lined to avoid having the body touch it. These caskets will not be included in the cremation and can save the family some money.

Because of this and the eventual acceptance of cremation, more and more are considering this option in their final wishes. Even the different religious beliefs have opened to idea that cremation is as honorable an option as a burial in putting the deceased to rest.