How to Celebrate a Birthday in Heaven?

One of the most difficult days of the year can come on the birthday of a loved one after their death. Their birthday will always serve as a reminder of them, regardless of whether you do anything to celebrate the occasion

And even after many years have passed after the funeral or cremation services, many people still find themselves in an awkward situation. Although the bereaved family and friends want to accept the finality of death and move on, they also want to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away. After all, the heart never forgets that’s why it’s understandable why you want to remember a deceased’s natal day in the most meaningful, touching, or creative way.

If you need inspiration, keep reading this article because it shows you a few different ways to remember the people you’ve lost. And there’s no better way to remember them than their birthdays. These suggestions on how to celebrate a birthday in heaven will make it easier for you to plan and prepare. Pick one and then concentrate more on remembering the person.

Keep Past Birthday Traditions Alive

Traditions are very powerful because they proffer a sense of comfort and belongingness, even if the one you’re celebrating is already gone. One of the best ways to honor the deceased is by keeping birthday traditions alive. Chances are, you and your loved one had birthday traditions every year. 

It could be as simple as having dinner at a favorite restaurant or taking a stroll in a park. Buy a candle, sing a song, and say birthday intentions. Although the deceased will not longer physically age, it’s still important to celebrate them on the day they were born to acknowledge that they’ve made an impact on you and left their mark on this world. 

Do Something The Deceased Enjoyed 

It is completely normal to want to remember your loved one on their birthday, and there’s something very special about spending time doing something they enjoyed. Maybe the deceased loved reading books, so you can spend your day at the library and read their favorite book in a cozy corner. Perhaps he or she liked going to the beach, playing golf, or gardening. 

There are many activities that the deceased may have enjoyed that you could relive and experience for yourself. You can personify the departed’s memory based on your own story and unique relationships. Doing something that the deceased enjoyed on their birthday can make you feel connected and bring an onslaught of happy memories to help with your healing. 

Share Memories With Family and Friends 

Recollecting the death of your loved one alone can make you feel even more detached and isolated. You might find it helpful to invite your family and friends along instead of spending the day by yourself. Do take note that this may not work for everyone because sharing memories immediately following the death of a loved one can be triggering for some. If this activity aggravates your grief or it’s difficult to do so due to unresolved conflict with a family member, you can skip it. 

If you find yourself in this situation, talking things through with a trusted friend or a therapist can be helpful. Whether the death happened months or years ago, birthdays can be tricky to navigate so bereavement support is always an option. If you feel that sharing memories as a family is an activity that is nourishing for your emotions, you can get together with people and spend the day reminiscing about your loved one.

Write a Birthday Card or Letter

Maybe your deceased loved one was someone you confided in on a daily basis. Without them, it is understandable why you feel lost and off course. Writing a special letter is one way to celebrate their birthday. More importantly, this activity allows you to express your emotions and could help you find solace at the same time. 

Set the mood with nice music to get your mind flowing. Get a birthday card and a nice pen, then start writing. You can inform them about your current situation and everything that has transpired since their previous birthday. Also, don’t forget to greet them with a happy birthday song.

Simply Light a Candle and Offer Wishes

Lighting a candle and blowing it is a traditional activity for birthdays. If you don’t want to buy a cake or do anything else, that’s okay. If you have a cremation urn in your home, you can simply light a candle in their memory and greet them. Alternatively, you could go to the cremation garden or cemetery where the deceased was laid to rest and offer flowers and light a memorial candle as a birthday gift. Your deceased loved one is in a better place and knows what’s in your heart.  

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate a deceased loved one’s birthday. For some, one of these plans to honor them may sound ideal, while for others, it may be too difficult to bear. It’s important to give yourself grace during your healing process because grief can be quite unpredictable. Be sure to prioritize your own health and focus on providing your soul with the nourishment it requires because the last thing your deceased loved one wants to see is you falling apart on their special day.