Cremation Inside Story

cremation urnsAs far as most people are concerned, cremation urns are the first things that would come to mind when they think of an alternative to burials. Seldom can anyone witness how an actual cremation takes place so questions on what goes on often comes up.

Just like burials, a body to cremated can also be placed on a casket for the benefit of friends and family. After this final viewing, they can then opt to have a quiet remembrance ceremony similar to any burial. They can pick songs, read poems, and reflect on the life well lived.

Between the viewing time and the cremation memorials, the actual cremation of the body takes place. In cremating a body, the whole casket or container will be placed inside a high-temperature chamber for over an hour up to three hours, depending on the size of the deceased.

Once the body is reduced to ashes, the remains will then be taken out of the chamber and placed in an urn or a suitable container until an urn that can hold all of the ashes is picked out by the family. They are then free to scatter these ashes or divided them among smaller urns.