Break On Through: Touching the Hearts

8767103525_222fa6bf25_zThe 1960s was an era of protests especially regarding the unfair treatment of races. It is not surprising how the music is influenced by it. A lot of individuals spoke their mind about the unjust and there are those who chose music as a medium to either speak their minds or as a way to find release to the struggles that they are facing. With television as the most important medium at that time, it was relatively easy to  air upcoming artists on TV.


Most of the bands in 60s were either intense and radical, or patriotic, depicting revolution and provocativeness of the people.With the rising number of bands, The Doors was one of the most memorable bands during this era. Jim Morrison’s talent in poetry and Manzarek’s skills in playing keyboard bass,was what pushed them to hit the charts of classic rock and pop during 1967.


Their Unique Take On Things

Their music started a new and deeper relationship between them and their listeners.Their first single, Break On Through (the other side)was unsuccessful to hit the chartsbut remained the hghlight of their fame. Itcontainedan intense emotion. The title itself sharply boosts the audience to keep the spirit despite the struggles.Unlike other bands, The Doors have a unique way of touching their audience’s hearts especially those who are experiencing pain and sorrow. Because of this, there are so many individuals who remained loyal fans to the band even after their lead vocals died.Although, the fame and controversies continued.


Music Lives On

The Doors’ music lived on many years and it’s still admired by many even to this day. The Doors’ music and legacy became more influential than ever before.Their unique take on things definitely added pulse to today’s music. The band’s way of conveying how they feel through their songs made Break On Through (The Other Side) one of the chosen pieces for funerals. The song is perfect for those who are bereaved. When someone loses either a friend or loved one, words are very hard to find. This makes listening to songs or reading one of your most favorite funeral poems appropriate in occasions such as attending basic cremation.