Cheap Cremation Jewelry as Remembrance

Cremation JewelryThe death of people close to your heart is always devastating. And because you know that they will no longer be with you as you go through life, you find ways on how they can still be a part of your journey.

A popular way to commemorate and remember the deceased is through cremation jewelries. For some people who haven’t heard about this trend before, they might think that these items are expensive because of the term jewelry.

Actually there are numerous affordable options of cremation jewelry out there.

  • Inexpensive cremation jewelries can be in the form of pendants, bracelets, beads, and rings just like the expensive kinds. After cremation, a very small amount of ashes will be mixed with the materials of the jewelry so that the remains of the person will forever be embedded into that piece. The difference between the expensive jewelry pieces and the affordable ones is basically the type of materials used.
  • You can specify with the jewelry makers about the budget that you have and they can give you options that will be appropriate for you. You may not have diamond encrusted pieces but the cheaper options are still very beautiful. Aside from the components and materials of the jewelry, the size will also matter.
  • In most cases, the cremation home responsible for cremating the remains of the deceased won’t be able to make jewelry for you. But they can give you the ashes and you can look for cremation jewelers in your area. Only a very small portion of the ashes will be taken. If you want to have jewelry as a remembrance of your loved one, include this in the cremation costs. Also include the number of pieces you want to be made especially if other family members would also want to wear a remembrance piece.