Unique Methods in Handling Remains

According to generalized statistics, more people nowadays are choosing direct or basic cremation over the traditional burial process when it comes to the treatment of the remains of the deceased.

With numerous cremated ashes or cremains, families and individuals who are planning their own memorials are now looking for ways on how to make their final tribute special. Placing the cremated ashes inside an urn is now considered as a common practice.

If you want to use a unique method in handling cremains, you can follow these ideas:

  • Ashes into Space. Probably one of the most unique and most extreme methods on how you can handle the cremains of your loved one is by sending the ashes into space. This process is usually called the ‘Star Treatment” because it is a form of space burial. The ashes of your loved one will be sent together with an artificial satellite expedition or a space shuttle into the outer space satellite orbit of the earth. This is a very extreme procedure and it is really costly too. You can spend as much as 1,000 to 12,000 dollars for these extraterrestrial flights.
  • Ashes into Real Diamonds. If you really want to treasure the ashes of your loved ones, there is a way on how the ashes can be turned into real diamonds. Unlike your typical cremation jewelry pieces, these diamonds are authentic and can cost you as much as 2,500 dollars or more!
  • Ashes into Fireworks. A fun and celebratory way of commemorating your deceased loved one is through adding their ashes or cremains in fireworks. This option is initially available in the United Kingdom but this trend will eventually be available in other countries as well. You can have a fireworks display after the memorial to tell the guests that the light of the deceased will forever be in your hearts.