Can I Pre-Plan Cremation Services to Help My Next of Kin?

If you’re pre-planning your end-of-life services to ease the burdens on your family when the inevitable strikes, kudos to you for your foresight. Everyone knows that death care planning and making concrete final disposition preparations are not pleasant topics. But the truth is, pre-planning your own funeral arrangements and cremation services is one of the kindest acts you can offer your next of kin.

In the past, everyone could prepare for burial arrangements in advance. Today, cremations have become one of the most popular final disposition methods in North America, so service providers have also allowed people to pre-plan for cremation services. Cremations offer environmental benefits while providing flexibility on what you can do with the cremation remains, from keeping them in an urn to placing them in a crematory niche. You can effectively pre-plan a solemn cremation if this is your wish.

The Most Basic Cremation Service Available to People

You may already have an idea about what goes on during the cremation process. But one of the most basic and affordable cremation services is direct cremation. It involves the process of removing the remains from the place of death and transferring it immediately to a crematory. This method means family members will bid their goodbyes and show their final respects at the place of death. There will be no open-casket viewing or visitation in the funeral home.

Some people choose to have a memorial service after the direct cremation with an urn. Since the body will already be cremated, the family members have greater flexibility when it comes to choosing where and when to host the memorial or reception. Direct cremation is one of the most simple end-of-life services as it minimizes the number of times the body is handled. As such, it is also very affordable, especially if you opt to pre-plan and pay for the services ahead.

Why Pre-Planning Cremation Makes Sense

In general, cremation services are much cheaper than a traditional funeral service because there are no embalming or burial plots to think of. However, steady economic inflation due to recession also means cremation costs are rising. Thus, it makes sense to speak with cremation services providers to arrange future death care services ahead. Paying for your services in advance means you lock the current market price.

Should you complete this process ahead, your loved ones will be free from pressure at the time of your death. Instead of having to fret over the details of planning your final disposition and worrying about where to get the money to pay for the crematory or funeral homes, the ones left behind are free to mourn without worries.

How to Settle Things and Prepare Ahead

If you’re thinking of pre-planning your cremation services, worry not because it’s not as complicated as most people think. You have to find a reputable cremation services provider in your area. Some will even allow you to work remotely and finalize the details from the comforts of home. Request a quote or schedule a time so the crematory team can visit your home. Some also allow simplified pre-planning procedures over the phone or online.

You will be asked for information regarding your final wishes, including personal information like name, address, birthday, contact number, and next of kin. Direct cremation is the cheapest service that you can opt for. But you could also prepare a visitation with cremation or a cremation with a reception. If you opt for this, you may have to indicate your choices and prepay for the following:

    • Casket (temporary or formal)
    • Urn
  • Funeral flowers
  • Funeral songs
  • Niche
  • Funeral program

Once you have finalized the details, choose your payment method. Some service providers give discounts to those who pay for everything ahead. If you’re on a tight budget, providers have also been known to offer affordable payment plans. Speak with them to assess your needs and find plans that suit your needs. The cremation services team will provide you with information and other documents which contain your chosen services. You can keep one for safekeeping and furnish a copy for your loved ones so they’ll know what to do in case something happens.

Pre-Planning is an Act of Love

Although some people frown at discussing death because it seems as if you’re tempting fate and courting disaster, setting things up ahead eases pressure for yourself and family. You and your loved ones can rest easy if you choose to prepay your future cremation service. Doing so gives you peace of mind because you take care of a financial burden ahead, which means your surviving heirs no longer have to worry about it.

Moreover, when you choose a reputable service provider, you will feel comfortable knowing that the final moments of your ephemeral body will be handled by a compassionate and highly trained staff. The same team will also treat your family with care and offer the utmost support during one of life’s most trying times. When you pre-plan your funeral and cremation services, you’re doing the right thing. It’s the biggest act of love you can do for your family and yourself. You’ll be laid to rest following your wishes, and you can rest easy since the expenses have been covered so your family can mourn in peace.