Popular Cremation Myths That Everyone Thinks is True

Today, cremation is surging in popularity with more people opting for this final disposition method. It is no longer seen as an alternative to burial but an equal choice to this traditional service. 

However, despite how popular cremation services have become, there are still myths or misconceptions about cremations that everyone thinks are correct. Our team is here to dispel these myths and tell you the cold hard truth:

  1. Cremation is always cheaper than burial.

The catchphrase here is always. Comparing funeral services and direct cremations where there’s no embalming and other services, that statement may be true. After all, with direct cremation, there’s no gravesite, no casket, preparation of the body, and the like, so it will cut down on the costs. However, cremation can still come up to a pretty penny if you have it with visitation or memorial services

Bear in mind that the price of cremation depends on what you choose to let go of. If you opt to have a ceremony, purchase a fancy coffin, pay for columbarium services, and invest in a niche and urn, cremation services can be just as expensive as a low-cost funeral in a private property with no frills. Ultimately, the price depends on your options so speak with your funeral director so you can stay within your budget.  

  1. A cremation will leave you with ashes. 

People often use the words ashes with cremation. But in actuality, you are not left with ashes. Officially, the by-product of cremation is called cremated remains or cremains. It is composed of pulverized bone matter. 

What you have doesn’t even look like ashes. Instead, it is something heavier like a grainy power akin to very coarse sand. Since the cremains are made out of skeletal material, they are uneven and could have larger chunks. The color is also not black like ashes but more off-white with a tinge of gray. 

  1. You must be careful with cremations cause you can get someone else’s remains.

One of the most famous fallacies that scare people from having a cremation for their loved ones is this. It’s even a common punchline in jokes wherein they switch the bodies. However, nothing could be further from the truth because there are strict standards in place that crematories are expected to abide by if they want to keep their operating license. 

There are protocols in place to assure families and friends that each body going into the crematory chamber is tagged and identified. Moreover, crematory staff undergoes strict training to make sure that this nightmare never happens. In a reputable cremation service that doesn’t cut corners, there is no doubt who the person is inside the chamber because they are meticulous. They identify and tag the body before and double-check once everything is done. 

In fact, you are welcome to watch the cremation services if you wish to be there. A reputable crematory service is very transparent about how they do things. They wish to give you peace of mind and will welcome questions to assuage your fears. Family and friends can feel assured about the safety of the remains if they are considering cremation as a final disposition method. 

  1. You can’t have a traditional funeral service with a cremation. 

When you choose cremation, this doesn’t automatically mean you say goodbye to a traditional funeral. In fact, you can bury a cremation urn if you wish. The only difference between the two is the vessel that will be buried underground. In a traditional funeral, the team has to make a bigger hole underground to accommodate a coffin. In contrast, a small funeral urn can fit in a much shallower grave.

Moreover, cremation services give you a broad range of options. You can choose to have no viewing prior to the cremation and just have a reception after. Alternatively, you can also have an open-casket visitation before the body enters the crematory chamber. This means waiting a day or two before the complete cremation of the body. If you need assistance, you can speak with your funeral director to see what your options are in honoring your deceased loved one. Any service can be customized for you to follow the last wishes of the deceased or to follow the traditions or preferences of your family. 

  1. Cremation is very environmentally friendly. 

The cremation process is not the most eco-friendly because the crematory chamber relies on fossil fuel and chemicals to reduce the body into cremations. As the body is in the chamber, it is inevitable for chamber by-products to be released into the environment. However, keep in mind that the particulate matter emitted into the environment is monitored and regulated by the government. Whatever makes it into the atmosphere is considered acceptable and not harmful to human health. Some professionals will compare this to a 500-mile car ride. 

Some will assert that cremation is still eco-friendly because it doesn’t take up a lot of space like a funeral. A direct cremation can also forgo toxic formaldehyde. That being said, if you feel very strongly about the environmental impact of any final disposition method, you can skip the fancy casket and opt for an eco-friendly receptacle instead.

If you are considering cremation and have any questions, it’s important to communicate with your death care team. Nowadays, cremation is common worldwide because it’s a respectable service to honor the dead. It is no longer considered an alternative final disposition method. The key to a successful cremation that fits your family’s values is finding a team who can assuage your worries and accommodate your wishes. Should you need assistance in the Mississauga area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.