Wedding Personalization Ideas That Funeral Services Can Use To Improve Their Services

If you own a funeral parlor and are experiencing slow business, you may want to look into the marketing strategies used by wedding services to improve their business and boost their income. A lot of companies serving in the wedding industry have boosted their incomes by personalizing their services. The buzz word in the service industry today is ‘personalization.’ The ideas that wedding companies use in personalizing their services could also be applied to your funeral services. After all, your business shares a lot in common with the wedding industry. So, here are some wedding personalization ideas that you can use to personalize cremation service and thereby boost your income.

  1. Think Of Unique Ways To Display Photos
  2. Gone are the days of standard photo albums. If they want to personalize their wedding, soon-to-be-married couples are advised to think of unique ways of displaying their nuptial photos. You can also do the same with a funeral service. One great idea is to organize the photos in such a way that they will tell the story of the recently deceased in a positive way. You can assist the families in arranging the photos to show the deceased person’s life. Some photos could be enlarged, while some could be arranged in a collage.

  1. Turn Photos Into Interactive Messages Of Comfort
  2. There’s a better way to organize a deceased person’s photos than just putting them into a shelf or a box. More often than not, you will only be able to see these memorabilia once in a while. A better thing to do is to ask or invite family members and friends to display their personal photos of the deceased at the funeral service. And then you can ask them to write their messages of comfort and support or their favorite memories of the deceased to the pictures or memorabilia that they will bring with them.

  1. Ditch The Traditional Guest Book
  2. There’s always a guest book in weddings, and the same goes with funeral services. If you want to personalize a funeral service, you need to get away from the traditional guest book. However, you still need to have a record of those who have attended the service for good reasons. There are a lot of options in personalizing a funeral guest book. One way is to make a custom-made guest book with a framed photo of the deceased. Another method is to have the name of the deceased engraved in the cover of the guest book with his or her favorite quote or personal motto.

  1. Think Out Of The Box
  2. Funeral services will not be complete without caskets. Admittedly, the caskets we see today are mostly crafted in the same general way. However, you can still personalize your funeral service by using unique caskets. For instance, if the deceased is a former doctor of medicine, the funeral parlor can suggest to the remaining family members to choose and order a casket with medical tools or paraphernalia as accents. Or if the deceased is a former sportsman, the family could ask the funeral parlor to make a casket with the some elements of the sports that the deceased was involved in.

  1. Create A Personalized Floral Spray
  2. Flowers are very effective in expressing sympathy for those who lost their loved ones. Some historians say that this practice started around 62,000 years ago. It has persisted down to our time. And that is the reason why you won’t see a funeral service without several floral sprays around. But you can still personalize floral sprays to attract more business for your funeral parlor.  An example would be a floral spray shaped as a bicycle if the deceased is a cycling enthusiast. Another example is a floral spray shaped as a musical instrument such as a guitar or a violin, if the deceased is a guitarist or a violinist.

  1. Take Advantage Of Social Media
  2. Using social media in a wedding ceremony is catching on with Facebook, Twitter and other social media network users. In this way, wedding couples are not limited by time if they want to share the event as it happens to their social network. You might want to recommend the same concept to your customers at the funeral parlor. They could share the event through real-time photos and text messages with their social network as the funeral service is going on. That would certainly personalize the funeral service while keeping those interested in touch with what’s happening in real time.