Why are Eulogies Very Important for Memorial Services?

Losing a family member or friend is one of the toughest moments in life. And during this trying period, the last thing on your mind is to stand before an audience and talk about your feelings for the deceased through a eulogy. Don’t worry, you are not alone because many people feel uncomfortable with public speaking, especially when they’re mourning. In the midst of service, your emotions may feel too raw, so you can’t find the right words to share with everyone. 

It may even leave you wondering why have eulogies for memorial services at all if they seem so difficult to do. But definitely, these speeches are more than just a summary of a deceased person’s life. Not holding a eulogy may even slow down the grief journey, making it more difficult to say farewell to the departed. Thus, it’s important to know why eulogies are an essential part of a meaningful deathcare service. Eulogies are a celebration of a beautiful life that once was. If you’re hosting a memorial service, it’s critical to incorporate these touching speeches for the following reasons:  


Serves as a Meaningful Way to Honor the Deceased

Eulogies are known as touching speeches that honor and celebrate the deceased’s life. They share about the significant milestones and critical moments of a person’s life, explaining how those events influence other people. It could include career milestones, personal successes, and advocacies or charity works. These poignant speeches explain why the person was loved dearly and will be missed tremendously. 

If you were tasked to give a eulogy, it is also an honor because it shows you’re close to the deceased. Not everyone gets the chance to speak at a service. Only a few people are chosen. That’s why you can consider this as your chance to share the departed’s legacy. Illustrate the values and virtues they hold dear. Eulogies provide a chance for people attending the funeral or cremation services to learn different stories and unmask unknown facets of the deceased’s life. 


Jumps Starts a Healthy Grief Process

Giving eulogies in end-of-life celebrations has become part of tradition because they help those in mourning start a healthy grief process. Although having a eulogy or memorial service cannot promise instant closure, holding these ceremonies is a foot in the right direction. 

Grieving may not be a linear path but having a eulogy where people speak about the good attributes of the deceased brings you one step closer to healing. And remember grief ebbs and flows. Some days, such as anniversaries or birthdays, may be harder than others. So during trying times when there’s a burst of sadness, you can remember the kind words of people in eulogies and use them as a cloak of comfort when your heart aches. 


Offers a Comforting Salve to Those in Mourning

It’s an essential part of the grief process to remember the loved one who died because special memories serve as a healing salve for an injured soul. Eulogies help in this regard because they promote healthful grieving and guide those who are in extreme pain to remember beautiful memories. 

Giving and hearing eulogies gives the bereaved a chance to think about how they wish to remember and honor the dead. Through these heartwarming speeches, everyone listening can recall their own happy moments with the deceased. These warm, fuzzy memories and lovely stories can give comfort and support. 

On the other hand, if you’re giving the eulogy, your words ease other people’s pain. Penning your thoughts and making the speech can help you unleash heavy emotional burdens that weigh you down. Hence, making a eulogy and listening to one keeps the deceased’s memory alive, helping you find peace and comfort in your new normal. 


Offers a Last Chance to Say Goodbye

Being asked to say a eulogy is your chance to say goodbye and honor the person you love. Mustering up the courage to speak in front of others, especially if public speaking is not your forte, is your last act of sacrifice and kindness for the deceased before they are laid to rest. Most eulogies have parting words, which bring a sense of peace to the one speaking and the people listening. 

A good eulogy can do so much for the person making it and those who hear the message. It is a special privilege to be asked to do a eulogy for someone you love. There’s a deep reason why you were chosen to give this speech. As you can see, eulogies play a vital part in the bereavement process because it honors the deceased and helps those who are left behind. So when you’re tasked to give a eulogy, prepare beforehand so you can honor the deceased and leave a lasting impact on those who are listening.