Cremation and Choosing the Right Urn

4265359637_1df5938c7eChoosing cremation urns are usually based on the individual’s personal choice. It usually boils down to their favorite color, the kind of hobby they are into, their favorite symbol or shape, and many more. We can actually find a limitless amount of categories to think about when choosing that unique urn that screams who we are.

Urns can come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and even the materials used to make them. Most urns are usually made of marble, timber, and brass while others are made of bio-degradable cardboard, ceramic, and other kinds of materials. Actually, as long as the container is airtight, it can be used as a substitute for any of the manufactured urn in the market. However, cremation services would suggest brass urns especially if you want something that will keep the remains secure for the years to come.

Brass urns are recommended to those individuals who want to secure their loved ones remains against spillage, temperature changes, and any foreign substances that might get in. In addition, this kind of urn is fall proof. There might be unexpected or unforeseen events that would damage the urn such as an unexpected fall due to cats or maybe kids playing near the altar.

Marble urns are generally purchased by those individuals who plan on opening the urn for future purposes. It might be for putting the deceased favorite jewelry or the remains of their better half. Some, on the other hand, choose marble urns for the purpose of future scattering. There are times when people would take time to recover from grieving and while doing so, would put off the scattering for months up to years until they are ready to let go of the remains of their loved ones.

Timber urns, on the other hand, are popular for those who were artists or individuals with artistic skills for carpentry, architecture, furniture, and many more. Although it is not limited to the categories mentioned, many use this kind of urn mainly because they can mount photos or their favorite things on the box which as why this particular urn is also known as ash boxes. However, out of the three, this is more prone to fires.