Dad-less on Father’s Day and How to Honor His Memory

Celebrations like Father’s Day can be very hard for those who are mourning the loss of their beloved dad. Seeing greeting cards in the grocery, ads on social media, or even promotional posters in stores may make you feel more sensitive since it’s a reminder of what you have lost. You may even feel a tad jealous when you see complete families going out for dinner. 

But, of course, you cannot hibernate on this day and just stare at that personalized cremation urn you’ve had specially made to house your deceased father’s ashes. Pretending Father’s Day is a normal day proves counterproductive as it forces you to bottle up your feelings and may affect your emotional and mental well-being in the long run. 

Bear in mind that you must find ways to celebrate this special occasion because it is a way to honor your deceased Father’s memory. After all, you won’t be where you are today if not for this real-life superhero’s love and support. Below are some ideas to help you cope with grief so you can remember and celebrate your father this Father’s Day.

Grant Yourself Time to Grief 

To fully celebrate your departed loved one’s life, you must start by fully accepting your emotions surrounding your dad’s absence. It’s best to let your emotions like pain, sadness, or longing wash over you. Whether your dad died a few days ago or was buried decades ago, the depth of your loss is real because there’s no expiration date for grief. You can discuss these feelings with a sibling, friend, or support group. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like talking, you can write everything down in a journal. It would also help to visit your dad’s grave or light up a candle next to his picture and urn. Keep in mind, you may be dad-less this Father’s Day but he is only physically absent. His spirit lives on in you, always.  

Recreate Your Dad’s Playlist

Songs are very powerful because they have the ability to touch the heart. There must be several songs that remind you of your dad. Perhaps he always played it at home during dinner or when you’re in the car. To honor his memory of Father’s Day, create a playlist of his favorite music. You can also include songs that remind you of your father. Sit down to a good meal and listen to the playlist as you reminisce about the good old days. 

Write a Letter

Who says you can only write to the living? Writing a letter to a deceased loved one is a very effective way to cope with grief. Even counselors suggest this activity because it is a form of bereavement support. Usually, when your dad just passed away, you could have left unsaid words you may want to tell him. If he’s been gone for some time, you probably have so many things going on in your life that you want to share with him. Hence, writing Dad a special letter on Father’s Day is akin to talking to him as if he were still around. Tell him how much you miss his company and how unfair it feels that he’s gone. You can say whatever your heart desires because it will remain between the two of you. 

Plant a Tree For Him

Planting a tree this Father’s Day in your backyard or a nearby forested area is an excellent idea. It works both ways because it allows you to honor dad while helping you cope. Spending time with nature is wonderfully healing. Research on grounding or earthing shows that communing with nature can clear your head, take away your pain, foster good sleep, and boost the immune system. Besides, as you watch the tree grow, it will remind you of your father and the journey you’ve taken to get where you are now with the wisdom of his teachings guiding you. Dad may be gone, but his legacy lives on in you. 

Celebrate With Other Dads

Connect with other dads in your life this Father’s Day, like your siblings, friends, or even uncles. Reach out to them so you can spend time together may it be through fishing, golf, or even sharing a simple meal. You could also spend this day with a mentor who helped you grow. Use this Sunday to spend time with these special dads and thank them for the support they’ve extended to you and their presence in your life. If they live far away you can even give them a card or send a gift like a care basket. Connecting with other men who care about your lives up to the full meaning of Father’s Day. 

Go Down Memory Lane

Finally, you can take a big trip with your siblings and go down memory lane in honor of your Father. You can revisit old places like doing a roadtrip to the lake or going camping in a nearby nature park. Soak up the memories like singing in the car with old songs, building a fire from scratch, or roasting marshmallows and sausages. Spending time in a memorable place as you reminisce with your loved ones is a perfect way to spend Father’s Day. Make it a yearly tradition to honor the important man in your life. He may be gone, but clearly, he is never forgotten because you carry his memories in your heart forever.