Dealing With The Loss Of An Extended Family Member

Dealing with a loss of an extended familyWe grew up with them and they are our parent’s best gift to us. We spend time playing with them. We shared our sadness and our happiness with them and they also shared theirs as well. No matter what the circumstances are, they will always be there for us. However, there will come a time wherein they have to say goodbye to us. We have to face the facts that we live longer than them and because of that, parting ways with them is very difficult.

Our cats, dogs, or pets, in general, are considered to be part of our family. They are our stress relief especially when we have a bad day. They instantly know how we feel and try to cheer us up as well. Because of this, we treat them as our family and we also try to give them the best we can such as food, shelter, and our undivided attention and love. As mentioned, there will come a time wherein we part our ways with them. We might not be ready for it but we have to prepare.

You can either cremate your pets or bury them in your backyard. However, it would depend on the circumstances and with the final decision that your family has agreed upon. Some of the pet owners would want to do a basic cremation when that happens and get customized cremation jewelry such as a bracelet charm with their pet’s name on it. Some, on the other hand, would consider burying them in the garden where it is close to home. That way, it would be easier to visit them and offer flowers and prayers.

Letting go of a pet is not easy. With the wonderful memories that we have shared with them, it is not easy. However, with the support of your family and friends, moving on is not that difficult. Children who lost their pets at an earlier time may not be able to handle the loss really well and this is why some parents would opt to buy another pet to fill in the void. It may not be the same pet but their presence will ease the sadness.