What To Say To Someone Who Lost a Family Member

Everyone needs to hear comforting words in times of grief. It is not easy to go through a funeral or cremation services to bury a loved one. If you are a memorial guest, your presence is the best form of support. Singing funeral songs and listening to eulogies with the family of the deceased brings a measure of comfort to the ones left behind. 

During these trying times, having people around to show care and share uplifting words have the power to brighten the mood. The presence of supportive people brings the light of hope in very dark hours. You may not know it, by your gift of time makes a world of difference to those who are mourning. If you are feeling tongue-tied and you are not quite sure what to say to someone who has recently lost a family member, consider the following suggestions below:  

Say the Classic Hallmark Remarks

You can never go wrong with the classic Hallmark remarks: “I’m sorry for your loss,” or “My condolences.” These statements are hallmarked for the reason that they directly and effectively convey your emotions. They are timeless words that are succinct and straight to the point, yet somehow, they still manage to feel very heartfelt. Add a personal touch by stating your own sentiments about the deceased to uplift the bereaved’s spirits. 

Offer Concrete Words of Support

When people bury their loved ones, there is a huge sense of loss. As such, it is important to remind the bereaved that they are not alone. They have other people, like family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, who are willing to stand by and offer support. One thing you could say to let your grieving friend know you have his or her back is a simple line like, “I am here for you.” The idea that someone is there to look out for their welfare may be a source of strength. Those left behind may be inspired to continue despite the circumstances. No man is an island, after all.

Share an Uplifting Quote

Quotes, though sometimes overused and abused, are a great way to get across your emotions and sentiments. Many quotes are dubbed as cliché, but when you analyze them, they are popular because they are effective in uplifting and inspiring those who hear them. Share some of your favorite inspirational quotes to help the bereaved get through these difficult times. When people are down, they need that boost of energy and motivation to carry on, and good quotes do just that. To take it a step further, give a book of uplifting words and poetry to remind them always to feel hopeful. 

Tell Personal Stories and Anecdotes 

A great way to get the mood up and temporarily distract the bereaved from the intense pain is to share your favorite stories about the deceased. Talk about your personal experiences that you’ve shared with this person while he or she was still alive. Sharing your fun anecdotes and hilarious stories may work to brighten the day of those who are mourning and allow them to refocus their attention to all the great times they experienced with their deceased loved ones. 

Continue to Just Be There

Sometimes, people really do say it best when they say nothing at all. If you are not the expressive type and don’t know how to articulate your thoughts and emotions, just be there. Offer your support and love by standing by the side of those who have lost their loved one. Give a handshake or a comforting hug. It is a small act, but it goes a long way. You may even share a playlist of uplifting songs to express your condolences. Writing a letter or sympathy card is also an option if you are unable to express yourself verbally. 

Final Words

Remember, don’t fret and keep things natural. It is not just the words that you say, but also how you say it that makes a difference. The most crucial thing to do is for you to make the mourning feel loved and supported. You don’t need too many flowery words to express your point. Be sincere and genuine in your words and your actions. Above all else, it is your intention that matters most.