Alternative Cremation Urns

cremation urnsWhen families are passionate about the care for the environment, more often than not, they tend to pick bio degradable urns to place their loved one’s ashes in. Made from materials like paper or hardened salt that will just decompose into the soil or the water, these urns are known to have no adverse impact on nature. This option will also help in the overcrowding problem in cemeteries and shelves where caskets and urns are usually buried and stored, respectively. You can even choose the locations where you or your loved one would want their ashes scattered. This advantage is not available when you will pick a metal, glass or wooden urn, or if you will skip cremation altogether.

Of the many cremation memorials to choose from, the memorial reef is both environmentally-safe and unique. With the use of the cement mixed together with the ashes, you and your family can personalize your memorial reef. As soon as you drop it down into the sea, it will become an underwater structure that will support the breeding of fishes and other marine life. Dying corals that take a long time to replenish can be supplemented by this reef to sustain life at sea.