Out-of-the-Box Cremation Keepsakes

cremation ashesIf your loved one who passed had chosen a cremation instead of a burial, then you are given the opportunity to decide if you want to scatter their ashes in places or if you want to bring them home. For the latter, you can have your pick of the many styles and designs of cremation urns in the market.

You can even fill the discreet containers of cremation jewelry with the ashes and be able to bring your loved one wherever you go. Although the assortment of materials and designs of these urns is so varied that you are bound to find one that suits you or your loved one best, these containers will just enclose the ashes inside.

Of all the cremation keepsakes that allow the ashes to be displayed and be seen by the naked eye, the cremation glass balls have to be one of the most artistic. Inside a blown glass ball, swirls of colored glass will mix with a sprinkle of the ashes resulting to an attractive art piece worthy to be showcased on a mantle or in a curio cabinet. Thus, if you want a unique alternative to urns, cremation glass balls is the way to go.

Source: https://www.memoryglass.com/processcreation.asp