Planning for Your Cremation: 3 General Items to Consider

cremation servicesMaking arrangements for your own basic cremation in the future requires you to decide on a few items. To ensure that you will not miss any important detail, write down your instructions and wishes for the following:

  1. Pick a funeral home. The best time to shop around for cremation costs is when you are not under any time constraint. Ask for pre-planning options from the funeral home so you can lock in the prices and save your family from the chore.
  2. Sort out the casket matters. If you wish to have a viewing for your family and friends, you can opt to rent a casket for the purpose, rather than purchase an expensive one which would then be cremated along with you. Cardboard boxes are even available to help you save on costs.
  3. If you wish, plan for your memorial service. The memorial service is more to give your loved ones the opportunity to honor your life, than for your own benefit. You can be as specific as deciding on the place where you want your ashes scattered or buried or just give them a general idea on how you want it done. Be sure to write this down or include in your will.