The Different Faces of Cremation Memorials

burial servicesThrough the decades when the idea of having a body cremated instead of having it buried has evolved from a shunned practice to a feasible alternative, cremation memorials have also made a few changes of their own. While urns remain to be the popular choice of those who prefer to be cremated, these ash containers are not the only ones available right now. There are urns that can be inserted inside custom-made memorial rocks that can withstand the outdoor elements and will fit right into your backyard’s landscape.

Art pieces like sculptures can also be used to function as discreet casings for cremation urns. These beautiful items can double as a décor in your home without your guests knowing that it has another, more practical and perhaps meaningful, purpose. Those who want a memorial that can travel with them wherever they go, they can look into getting  cremation jewelry. Pendants are fashioned to have tiny containers hidden within the design so you can fill these with a small amount of the ash. There are many kinds of pendants created for this purpose so you can even choose one that holds some personal connection to you or your loved one who passed.