How Long Should A Eulogy Be?

The cremation services are now over, and the family has decided to hold a memorial service after everything is complete. It is typical for families to conduct these services with the cremation urns containing the ashes of their deceased loved ones becoming the centerpieces.

In a standard post-cremation service, they typically put an urn on a table, along with a beautifully framed picture of the departed adorned with flowers. This event is held so family and friends can all celebrate the life of the person who has just passed away. 

A Delicate Task

If the family asked you to give a eulogy because you are very close to the deceased, you might be wondering where to start. When someone asks you to provide a eulogy, it is usually tough to decline such an important request. After all, this job is significant because it means giving someone the highest praise. 

Should you have been given this delicate task, know that you must come prepared. It is crucial because a eulogy is more than just stringing a few words together. After all, you have to sum up your friend’s life. This is the last tribute, so you must think about it deeply and be intentional with your word choices.

A Simple Definition 

A eulogy is simply a funeral speech that can be said in different moments, depending on the choice of the bereaved family. The speeches can happen at a funeral service, a service before cremation proceedings, the burial itself, or a memorial service after cremation.

This speech is your final opportunity to honor the person who died because you are saying a few words about his or her life. Your few minutes to talk will show the funeral guests just how much this person meant to you. Make every second count!

What is the Significance to You

It is an honor to be asked to give a eulogy for a family member or a friend. If you have been tasked to say a few words at a service, it means you are essential to the one who had passed away. Fret not if you are feeling butterflies in your stomach. It is normal to feel nervous about this heavy responsibility. 

To begin with, not everyone is good at public speaking. However, this is something you must overcome as your final gift to your loved one that passed on. Another issue to ponder on deeply is you don’t want to say the wrong things when you are talking to a room full of people. For best results, it is vital to contemplate about what you want to say and then make a speech that comes straight from the heart.

Length of the Speech

As a standard practice, it is good to keep your speech at around three to five minutes only. No one likes long-draw out speeches. People of the modern world have reduced attention spans, so they zone out if things are too long. Brevity is key, but your speech must have the depth to be really meaningful, too. 

On top of that, you must remember to keep it at the right length because chances are you will not be the only one who is giving a eulogy. There will be several of you, so it would be best to be considerate about the length of time of your speech. If you have a lot to say because you have so much loving memories with the deceased, make ten minutes your ultimate marker. 

When you are writing the speech, take note of your word count. Your funeral eulogy of about 500 to 1000 words will take you around three to eight minutes to deliver. Sometimes, it’s not just about the length of your speech, but how fast you say your words. It would be good practice to slow down and be mindful of your tone. You want to make sure that everyone can understand you. 

The Purpose a Eulogy

The primary purpose of this speech is to remind the memorial service guests that the person they are mourning has lived a full life. They will be told about the good deeds of this individual, along with all the other happy memories of his or her earthly life. There will be funny anecdotes to make you laugh. There will also be touching stories that will make your heart hurt. 

A eulogy is a great chance to show the many facets of the person’s character as viewed from the eyes of the other people he or she has touched while alive. It is an excellent opportunity to shed light on the less well-known aspects of the person that is being laid to rest eternally. 

For guests that happen to be attending the service because they are close to a bereaved family member, this speech is a way for them to get to know the one who passed away. A eulogy is a summation of a life well-lived. Hearing different eulogies gives people a chance to know the deceased better. Most of all, a eulogy is also a way to remember a life that was a blessing. 

Final Word

When you have been given this critical responsibility, you must take time to reflect on your past experiences with your departed loved one. Go back down memory lane so you can encapsulate your friend’s life in a meaningful way in your eulogy. After all, when someone you love dies, this person becomes a memory, and this loving memory becomes a very valued treasure. Always remember that death, maybe like a thief who has stolen your loved one away, but love will always be stronger than death.